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Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole announces plan for the GTA

Whitby, ON – Today, the Hon. Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, released his plan to improve the lives of Canadians in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Nearly one in five Canadians live in the GTA, but families in these communities are increasingly worried about finding a home they can afford, the rising cost of living, long commute times, gang violence, and overcrowded hospitals. “We need someone in Ottawa who personally knows and understands the challenges facing the families and communities in our region,” said O’Toole. “As someone who was raised in the GTA and now raising my family there, I will deliver a Conservative plan to build more homes, get shovels in the ground on transit, and cut hospital wait times.” Through Canada’s Recovery Plan, Canada’s Conservatives will: -- Get housing prices under control by building one million more homes over the next three years and banning foreign buyers if they have no intention of moving to Canada. -- Lower prices by introducing a GST holiday in December, cracking down on price-fixing, and getting inflation under control by stopping the Liberals’ endless deficits, and responsibly balancing the budget over the next decade. -- Reduce commute times by immediately getting shovels in the ground on transit projects across the Greater Toronto Area, including Ontario’s GTA transit plan and GO expansion. -- Cut hospital wait times by increasing health transfers by a minimum of six per cent annually, representing a historic $60 billion investment over 10 years in health care. -- Combat gang violence by hiring an additional 200 RCMP officers to help keep communities safe. “It’s time Canada had a Prime Minister from the 905,” said O’Toole. “As Prime Minister, I will secure the future for workers and families across the GTA and for all Canadians.”

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole commits to hiring more police officers, tackling crime

Vancouver, BC – Today, the Hon. Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, released his plan to hire an additional 200 Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers and support police forces across the country. “Every Canadian should have confidence that when they pick up the phone and call 9-1-1, someone will be available to help,” said O’Toole. “Canada’s Conservatives will give police the resources they need to do their job and make our communities safer, including putting more boots on the ground.” The Liberal government has ignored calls by the RCMP and its union to address staffing shortages during the pandemic. A Conservative government will make the necessary investments in police forces across the country, including hiring additional officers and providing more education and training, to combat rising episodes of gun violence and gang activity. To tackle crime, through Canada’s Recovery Plan Canada’s Conservatives will: -- Hire an additional 200 RCMP officers to combat gangs and the smuggling of guns and drugs. The majority of officers will be based in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario and the Lower Mainland in British Columbia to help keep communities safe. -- Provide $100 million over five years to support training for non-provincial police forces in the areas of sexual exploitation, cyber-security and online offences, and the investigation of sexual offences. “Canadians deserve to feel safe and secure. A Conservative government will take real action to rid our communities of violent crime, address police staffing shortages, and invest in police training and education to keep Canadian families safe,” said O’Toole. If you don’t care about holding violent criminals accountable and keeping Canadians safe, you have three parties to choose from in this election. If you do, then there is only one choice – Canada’s Conservatives.

Andrew Scheer sent a letter to the RCMP

Andrew Scheer sent a letter to the RCMP, with new information on the SNC Lavalin Scandal, to formally request an RCMP investigation. Watch Andrew explain further.