Trudeau and his broken promises

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Justin Trudeau has failed Canada's oil and gas sector

Matt Jeneroux explains.

Trudeau has failed our immigration system

A Brief History.

These liberal scandals take the cake

Tony Clement sheds light on Liberal scandals.

The Liberals are getting desperate

John Brassard Explains

Check out Andrew Scheer's latest video

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A message from Andrew Scheer

Did you know that our convention is happening in Halifax, Nova Scotia, from August 23-25? Andrew Scheer talks about it in the below video - check it out! Get more information here!

Trudeau is getting Desperate

Lisa Raitt talks about why  

Want to go to Halifax?

Have you ever wanted to get involved with your local riding association? If you've gotten tired of yelling at your radio whenever you hear the latest coming from Ottawa and wish you could do more, well, now's your chance! We've got a couple of events coming up that you won't want to miss out on. President Steve Schafer has more in the video. To get in touch, send an e-mail to [email protected]